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Manpower Placement

Manpower placement is the part of our services; our team is highly characterized by professionals to provide skilled and knowledgeable worker.

In this new era of industrial growth all the industries have to maintain a regular pace so that they can walk foot to foot with the world.

Manpower is the backbone of the industry and can enhance or hamper the name of the company.

We specially deal for placement the manpower to meet the increasing demand of skilled and technical workers in the industry.

We are making the deal worth any cost and we try to make long relation contracts. We work with full satisfaction and appreciated by the client for the services we are offering.

Below are the Categories of the manpower we deal with:

  1. QA/QC Inspectors

  2. Blasters & Painters

  3. PFP Applicators

  4. Insulators

  5. Technicians and Fitters

Contact us today to fulfill your requirements for the manpower needs. We can organize/schedule interviews at our facilities as well.

If you are looking manpower for your project please contact us to fulfill your needs:

Please Contact Afzal

Tel:       73 690 42 997


You can also request more information and/or a quotation with this form:

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