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Painting Inspector - ICorr Level 2

Why Attend this Course

This course is designed to prepare individuals for the ICorr Painting Inspector Level 1 examination. The course is suitable for candidates with or without experience in industrial painting or inspection and will also be applicable to those who require a knowledge of painting inspection but do not wish to take an examination. Most of the paint systems used in industry are addressed plus an awareness is given of other coating systems used for anti-corrosion reasons.

5 Days training followed by 6th day examination.

Course Content

  • QA, OC and inspection

  • Document control

  • Equipment control and calibration

  • Production of written instructions

  • Interpretation of normative documents

  • Corrosion

  • Control and testing of blasting abrasives

  • Contamination testing

  • Paint formulation

  • Coating systems

  • Paint manufacture

  • Paint/paint film testing

  • Hygrometers

  • Application of metal coatings

  • Coating faults

  • Paint colours – coding systems

  • Cathodic protection

  • IMO requirements

For Course Enquiry or Enrollment:

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