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Painting Inspector - ICorr Level 1

Why Attend this Course

This course is designed to prepare individuals for the ICorr Painting Inspector Level 1 examination. The course is suitable for candidates with or without experience in industrial painting or inspection and will also be applicable to those who require a knowledge of painting inspection but do not wish to take an examination. Most of the paint systems used in industry are addressed plus an awareness is given of other coating systems used for anti-corrosion reasons.

Course Content

  • QA, OC and inspection (basics)

  • Normative documents

  • Corrosion (iron and steel)

  • Surface preparation (ferrous)

  • Tests to detect surface contamination

  • Coating categories/types

  • Main paint constituents

  • Paint drying and curing

  • Corrosion protection methods (basics)

  • Layers of a paint film

  • Types of paint systems

  • Paint data sheets

  • Paint/paint film testing

  • Weather conditions

  • Paint application methods

  • Coating faults

  • Health and safety

  • Environmental considerations

  • Reporting

  • Standards applicable

  • Understanding written instructions

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